Sep 2, 2019

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Aug 18, 2019

Best Acne Treatments

Acne can truly make your life miserable. Besides the obvious discomfort of having irritated and inflamed skin, severe acne can take a toll on your confidence and self esteem, and affect your mental and emotional health. Many acne sufferers are embarrassed or ashamed to go out in public, and try to avoid being seen. But don’t lose hope! Acne doesn’t have to ruin your life. There are plenty of options and treatments available now, depending on your budget and the severity of your acne. Read on to learn more about them:

This is a non-surgical procedure where dozens of tiny needles are used to prick the skin. This helps the skin generate new collagen and tissue for a smoother and firmer appearance. It may also be used to treat active acne, as well as to reduce the appearance of scars caused by severe acne and breakouts. Coastal Skin Solutions, a premier skincare provider in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, offers this treatment, as well as many others that can help deal with acne.

While the thought of many little needles piercing your skin may not be a pleasant one, microneedling is not actually that painful. In fact, many patients report not feeling any discomfort at all while undergoing the procedure. One of the best things about microneedling treatment is that it doesn’t involve any downtime, so you won’t have to miss work or personal events while you’re recovering.

Most patients typically need a few sessions to see optimum results, but how many sessions you’ll need will depend on the unique condition of your skin, so it’s best to consult a medical professional to decide on the appropriate number of treatments. At the end of the treatments, you can expect to have clearer, smoother and tighter skin, with less pronounced scars and marks.

Blue Light Therapy
Another non-invasive treatment for acne, blue light therapy makes use of light energy to kill bacteria on the skin. It is effective for treating moderate acne, or acne that has not responded to other therapies. It is a safe, painless, relatively inexpensive yet effective way to keep stubborn acne in check without the unpleasant side effects of harsh topical treatments or antibiotics.

Benzoyl Peroxide
If you’re not quite ready to have cosmetic procedures done to combat your acne and want to stick to topical solutions, there’s nothing quite as effective at killing P. acnes bacteria as benzoyl peroxide. It is a potent antibacterial ingredient that can quickly and efficiently kill the breakout causing bacteria on your skin. The downside is that it can be very drying and irritating, so it’s important to keep the rest of your skin care focused on hydration and repairing your skin barrier if you’re using benzoyl peroxide to combat your acne.

Acne can be extremely difficult to deal with, but it’s not impossible to conquer it. Many treatments and options are available to you now, it all depends on your budget and what you are willing to try. Remember to always consult a dermatologist or medical professional to help you determine the best course of action for you.

Aug 17, 2019

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Having thin hair can be a struggle. Some people just have naturally fine or thin hair, while others struggle with thinning hair or excessive hair loss. The latter two conditions can be a source of anxiety or embarrassment, but they can also be treated with the right products or medication. In the meantime, you can disguise your thin hair with the help of hair extensions. Here are some common questions about hair extensions for thin hair:

What Kind of Hair Should I Buy?
When it comes to hair extensions, it’s worth paying a little more for premium quality hair. It’s definitely an investment, but you don’t want to have obviously fake, cheap-looking hair. It has to look and feel natural, and move like your real hair would. It also has to be durable, so you can get plenty of use out of it before it falls apart. For the most bang for your buck, True Glory Hair is the way to go.

True Glory Hair extensions, wigs and hair bundles are all made from premium quality virgin hair. They have a beautiful bounce and shine, and are extremely well made and durable so they can withstand frequent styling and prolonged use. They come in a variety of lengths and styles, ranging from straight to wavy and curly. One of their most versatile products would have to be their Brazilian straight bundles, which you can shop  at

For a more high volume, full bodied style, you can go for the Brazilian body wave bundles which feature beautiful big waves that give the illusion of full, thick hair. They are also versatile and durable, and can be straightened or styled if you want. No one would ever guess that you have thin or thinning hair with these hair bundles.

Won’t Hair Extensions Further Damage My Hair?
If you have thinning or falling hair, it’s natural for you to worry that hair extensions might exacerbate your condition. The answer to this question is: it depends on how you have them installed. Generally, clip ins or tape ins cause the least damage to your natural hair, while glue will cause the most damage. It’s important to have your hair extensions put in by an experienced and knowledgeable hair styling to put the least strain on your natural hair.

If your hair is really brittle and fragile, hair extensions may not be your best option, and you may want to look into getting a wig instead.

Are Hair Extensions High Maintenance?
Again, it depends on the kind of hair extensions you get. If you choose clip ins, you should never sleep in them, as this can cause damage. But they are relatively easy to put on and take off, so they still don’t require a lot of effort to maintain.

Tape in extensions require more maintenance, but you don’t have to purchase new hair every time. The same hair extensions can be used and reapplied; it’s only the tape that needs to be replaced.

Hair extensions need to be handled with care when wet. Take care not to brush them too aggressively or they might fall apart. You can still use your favorite hairstyling and hair care products with them, but take care not to get oils near the roots where the bonds are, as this may cause the bonds to slip or disintegrate.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of options for thin hair, and which one you choose largely depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Talk to an experienced stylist to help you decide what kind of hair extensions would suit you best before taking the plunge.
Aug 15, 2019

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Jul 15, 2019

How to Multitask Without Losing Productivity

We have such limited time on our hands after we’ve factored in sleeping and being stuck in traffic. Those things are part of your day no matter how busy or lax your schedule is. Your remaining working and functional hours need to be used wisely so that you will not run behind on your tasks and stress over achieving your personal goals.

Naturally, one of the solutions that come up is multitasking. However, if you do this the wrong way, you might lose time--without achieving anything at all. Here’s how to multitask in an effective and productive way.

Don’t Multitask Work at Night

Your productivity takes a nosedive if you don’t have time for yourself. Then, you’ll feel burnout and not want to do anything at all. Combat this by multitasking work-related tasks during the day and leaving your nighttime open for some fun activities for yourself. You can still multitask at night, but make sure nothing is work-related, so you will be ready for bed relaxed. What can you do, then? If you’ve already bought your face mask online, it’s the perfect time to put them on while you catch up on your favorite Netflix show. You can also do general online shopping during this time. If you meal prep, this is the perfect time to prepare next day’s lunch. You’re doing things that will make the next day better, but you’re not overloading your brain with work until you fall asleep.

Choose Background Tasks Wisely

There are no two tasks that require the same amount of brainpower. Remember this when you’re choosing two things to multitask. The truth is, you’re not getting two things done at once; you’re task switching very quickly, and this might result in you not getting important tasks done on time because it competes for another task’s attention. Multitask better by choosing your main task, finishing a portion of it before you switch to a less important task, then switching back to your main task to finish another chunk of it. If you’re stuck writing a 5000-word paper, take a break when you reach 1500 words to answer your calls or emails. Then, go back to write another 1500 words before you take another break to have your lunch delivered. By the time you finish the last 2000 words, your food should be ready and you can celebrate by eating.

Spend Each Minute Wisely

You’re multitasking to save time, but what are you doing with the free time you have? If you have two minutes to spare, arrange your shoes or do the dishes. You don’t need to wait until your favorite show is on and call it multitasking. You’re only productive if you’re using every minute you have wisely. And that’s not what’s happening when you cram all your tasks in your “busy” hours but procrastinate the rest of the time. Give yourself time to relax and just focus on one thing--even if it’s not work-related. Use every minute to lessen the number of tasks you need to do so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

No matter how much time you have, if you’re not using it wisely, you’ll still feel overwhelmed. And though you can multitask to get most tasks done, your productivity shouldn’t suffer.

Jul 10, 2019

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Jul 9, 2019

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