Oct 16, 2019

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Oct 9, 2019

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Oct 3, 2019

We Can Do Better, America: Kindle Edition giveaway

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Sep 24, 2019

Hair toppers

For some women choosing to wear wigs or extensions, it is a fashion accessory while for others can be a necessity because of baldness. Wigs can help people to be more confident after they lost their own hair due to medical reasons.
Lilyhair provides 100% Remy Hair wigs, hair extensions and toppers, you can choose different lengths, colors and textures. They also explain in details how to maintain your extensions.
Toppers are a great solution for thinning hair and come in 100% human hair.
They instantly add some length or volume to your natural hair texture without looking unrealistic.

Hair toppers come in many shapes and sizes, made to hide areas of hair loss at different stages and different areas of the scalp,  Some offer more coverage on the top, while others cover the sides or back of the head.

Swiss Lace Toupee uses 100% Swiss Lace which is soft, thin and fragile.Swiss lace is more light, soft and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace, which can melt into your skin more perfectly.

Mono Top Toupee uses the transparent mesh fabric that can easily blend with the colour of your scalp. The mesh material makes the toupee both a breathable and comfortable choice, and it is nearly undetectable against the hairline.

Silk Base  hair toupee is the revolution of the lace human hair wigs. The base is made from a piece of silk fabric and a piece of lace fabric ( one on top and one on bottom ).

Sep 23, 2019

Custom Unique Backdrops Service

Because today,s moments are tomorrow,s memories, photos are very important. They can mark a special moment of our life. Nowadays, with the modern technology, there are so many ways to obtain professional photos, to add sparkle, color, backgrounds, life.You can even create your own photo background design for your special event, like weddings, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, etc.
Backdrops or backgrounds are used in photography and film as a way to create a scene that is behind the subject of your photograph.

Adding backdrops is one the easiest way to add personality and style to your studio photography or videography.

Ubackdrop is one of the largest providers of any event backdrops at the lowest prices on market.
It,s easier to have your own special backdrop based on your ideas, including the colors, size, font, name and more customizable things.
Select the items in Custom Backdrops and place the order. Choose the size you want and choose pockets. If you don,t like the picture from the website, you can upload the pictures you like. In the end, add your special requirements such a change of color, font or anything else.
Ubackdrop’s specialty is to quickly process custom-made products and they always send a proof to confirm before printing by email.

Custom unique backdrops service can be used for creating specific events background banners.  Ubackdrop.com uses computer printed wrinkle resistant fabric backdrop. They print is in a special way, so the pattern is realistic, and the stereo sense is strong. The sizes are accordingly to the customer,s needs, for example 5x7 feet or 10x10 feet, and many more.

The material is microfiber cloth (also called fabric), soft and washable safe and easy ironing.

$1200 Yoga&Wellness retreat giveaway

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Sep 17, 2019

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Sep 15, 2019

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Rocketman party pack iveaway

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Sep 5, 2019

Two sites for online buyers and sellers

When you are shopping online and done putting the order, the very next thing that you have to do is wait. If you are excited about the package then you may have to wait for a little until it is delivered to you. A good way to know the progress is by tracking; when you place the order online, you get a tracking number which you can put onto various tracking websites to get to know where your package has reached so far.
We are happy to let you know that we are offering free online tracking service that you can use to track the packages; does not matter whether you are a seller or a buyer, as long as you have a tracking number you will be good to go. We offer an API connector and a tracking page on our website so that you can stay updated about the exact location of your package.
There are several websites that provide the tracking services as well.

Tracktry----Individual Tracking Site

It is a website that is offering tracking services but they are restricted to a single package tracking, one at a time. This website offer services to automatically detect the courier service by which the package is being delivered, from the tracking number. The tracking is not restricted to only local level but the services are also available for the packages being delivered on global level. This website also tracks Major Parcel and Delivery services such as FedEx, DHL and UPS.

Order Tracking----Mutiple Tracking Site

Order Tracking is a website offering both individual and multiple tracking services. The good thing about this website is that there is an option to view the progress of multiple packages and track them at the same time. This will save you time as you can keep track from a single page instead of shuffling through tabs on your browser. If it is a global order then you will be informed about the delivery details after every once in a while via SMS.

Tracking is fun and exciting at the same time, I remember I ordered a lot of things altogether and it ended up being a mess. I did not know which package is which and the tracking services of most of the websites were very slow. The tracking would sometimes stop and would not update for a whole day which worried me. It was funny and worrisome at the same time, when the package would arrive, I would not even know what was in the package until I opened it. Since I had forgotten most of the packages I had ordered and could not keep track of them due to bad tracking service websites.
If you are going to go online shopping, make sure that the package will be sent to you through a publically recognized Delivery service. If the delivery service is not on the list of a tracking website, it may cause problems as there will be no way to know what company to track. This can be a hassle mostly on the local or domestic level as there are multiple companies providing delivery services. The tracking ID that you will be given should be kept safe so that you can track the progress of the delivery otherwise if you lose it there is no other way to know until the package is delivered to you.

With our new website, we are offering tracking services so that you do not have to go through all these problems. You will be able to track multiple packages at the same time and you will be updated periodically so that you do not lose the track of your package.

Providing the tracking facilities to the customers develops a trust between the retail and the customers. It has become one of the best practices in the E-commerce that now customers can see their order history, without any stress. In order to provide you a better online experience, we have invested in our time and efforts in order to make the tracking possible for you. We are sure that once you use our service, you will be returning back to the website, staying longer with us and will be giving us more opportunities to serve you.
You can save the cost because you do not have to call us again and again in order to inquire about your parcel. We try our best to provide each and every possible detail about your order and its status along with the history. We contact you through various means, and you can too. This enhances the customer and our relationship and builds more trust. Peace of mind is one of the benefits that you get from our website and nothing comes before that. In case you want to avail the services we are just a click away.