Jun 26, 2013

Clothes, the freedom of females

Sometime’s ladies, I think we forget how far we’ve come in the last hundred years or so. Things could be so different for all of us British women if it wasn’t for how hard our foresisters worked to give us equal rights to men.
Sometimes life may seem difficult with financial burdens and work stress, but the truth of the matter is many women put themselves in danger to give us the privilege and luxury to have these choices. Our lives, comparatively, are delightfully luxurious; we are free!
Going back 100 years, things for women were very different. They were directed, forced and controlled by men on all accounts. Imagine wearing a corset daily, being told who you were going to marry, being unable to read or write, being told what hobbies you were allowed to have, not being allowed to vote, having to obey your husband, not having any of your opinions valued because you’re not a man.
Although now it very common for a woman to be single at an older age and not be regarded as a spinster, back in the day un-married women were shipped out to the Fishing Fleet in India in their hundreds where British men outnumbered women three to one. Can you imagine? Coming home to be told by your parents that they didn’t want you as a burden anymore, so you’re off to India where someone will have a use for you.
I’m sure you’ll find yourselves biting your tongues when you come to complaining in days following reading this! Another development we should be more than grateful for is the evolution of clothing and the acceptance of fashion.  Can you imagine what it must be like to have to wear a corset daily? Even a tight waist-belt is suffocating enough.
Our ancestors suffered, the medical repercussions of this most barbaric tradition were a great deal more extensive than the actual deformation of the body. Now, we are beyond lucky with our choice of women’s clothes that we should be thanking our ancestors who stood and protested daily while getting dressed!
Shortly after the First World War, female fashion begun to take its first turn and great changes begun. It was considered quite the scandal in the 1920’s when women first started wearing trousers, known as pantaloons. While showing your ankle was almost a trait solely associated with street-walkers! Since then, female fashion has come on in leaps and bounds, with an anything goes attitude.
George at ASDA is thankful for our female ancestors, so much so that ourrange of women’s clothes is designed in order to celebrate our freedom of choice! With underwear, swimwear, daywear, nightwear, work-wear, accessories and shoes that would have left the men of the earlier 20th Century horrified, and the women liberated and delighted at the closing gap between the sexes. Express your gratitude and express yourself with the clothes were fought for you to wear!