Jul 28, 2013

homemade salt scrub-REVIEW

Who doesn`t love homemade beauty products? They are  so cheap and so naturally, you can prepare it easy at your home with a low budget.
Today I will show you my sea salt scrub.

Here are the ingredients I used for this homemade salt scrub:

- 6 spoon kosher salt
- half of lemon
- 4 spoon organic coconut oil ( can be substituted with almond oil or olive oil but I prefer the coconut one)
- some fresh mint leaves 
- optionally - drops of essential oil of your choice, I didn`t add, the coconut oil and the mint leaves give a delicious and fresh smell 

How I made it:

I mixed all the ingredients in the blender but not for long time because I wanted to use this scrub for the feet, so it should be rough scrub.
I can say that is the best scrub I ever used. It leaves my skin cool and smooth.

Do you use homemade scrub?


  1. It looks so good, I will try this one for sure! =)

  2. I do use scrub.Its brown sugar with olive oil and makes the skin really soft. I will give it atry for sure even for feet as well.

  3. Seems a great one ..
    Thanks for sharing ..

  4. This looks so good!

    I've not used pre made body scrubs in years as I make my own. Will give this a go!

    Thanks for sharing.