Aug 21, 2013


Today I will make a review to body milk with chamomile and olive by Apivita. Founded in 1979, Apivita is the first Greek company which create natural products.
The body milk for sensitive skin has a rich formula and contains 93% natural ingredients.
Water is replaced by organic hamamelis infusion.

It is a rich natural formula :
Almond and olive oils hydrate, nourish and help preserve the skin elasticity
Chamomile, calendula, prickly pear: help soothe skin irritations
Honey: hydrates and leave skin soft

It is free of paraben, silicone, propylene glycol, mineral oil and ethanolamine.

My opinion:
-it has a light texture
-absorbs quickly while living the skin smooth  
-even though I am sensitive to  smells this body moisturizer has a lovely scent and natural
-it is not greasy

I would recommend it, for summer is perfect but for winter I would prefer to use body butter.

Price: I bought it with 12 euro with a small discount.