Aug 31, 2013

Burberry Designer Bags

How and why to choose a Burberry handbag
Burberry is one of Britain’s greatest and most loved fashion houses, founded more than 150 years ago. Their focus has always been on good quality, practical fabrics used in designs that are timeless and effortlessly chic. Perhaps best known for their check fabric, Burberry designs have been sported by Hollywood A-listers and the well-heeled for decades.
Burberry handbags have been so hugely popular because of their simple, practical design as well as their appearance. This year, for instance, their range of designer bags includes the Blaze bag, which is available in a range of bright colours (including green, pink, gold and blue) made from transparent vinyl. These hang on the forearm from their short coordinating handles and have a long, rectangular base. They also have a matching padlock clasp and purse included with the bags.
Their traditional check fabric designer bags are available in a wide range of styles, but all are spacious and functional, usually combined with brown leather trim and handles. 
To ensure that you buy a genuine Burberry bag, look out for these tell-tale markers:
A true Burberry bag will:
·     Be made from vinyl-coated material;
·     Feature a check pattern of red stripes, black horizontal and vertical stripes and a red knight logo on a tan-coloured background (their Classic Check pattern) or pink stripes and black vertical and horizontal stripes on a creamy-yellow background (Nova Check pattern).
·     Use matt brown or gloss red leather trims (Classic Check) or matt black leather (Nova Check);
·     Have ‘Burberry’ embossed on the exterior of the bag and an interior leather or metal tag marked with ‘Burberry – London’;
·     Be lined with black canvas, Burberry-inscribed material in red, black, brown or beige, or a beige suede;
·     Have a keyring and leather straps.
Probably the best way to buy a genuine Burberry is to make your purchase from a reliable source such as from designer boutiques or large stores such as Harrods, known for their careful selection of top-quality, luxurious products. 
You can also buy directly from Burberry. Their ‘Runway Made to Order’ feature allows you to buy clothing or bags direct from the runway and you can even have them personalised. Full information and video clips are sent to your smartphone to keep you updated. They also stream their shows live on Twitter, a first in this business and indicative of their target market.
Buying a Burberry bag is a good investment because although new styles and designs appear regularly the classic pattern and high quality material and stitching mean that you can be proud to keep your old Burberry handbag for as long as you choose.