Nov 14, 2013

How to Buy the Perfect Rings from Online Jewelry Stores
Whether you are looking for silver jewelry for sale, love diamond rings or you simply need a ring for a special occasion, knowing that your new ring is going to fit properly is important. If you are not sure of your true ring size, you may have problems getting the perfect ring. If however, you take the time to determine your ring size then you will know that you have truly found the perfect ring.

Something that you should consider is that all countries do not list sizes in the same manner. Some list ring sizes in numbers while others use letters. The United States and Australia both use numbers but the sizes are much different. A size 5 in the United States for instance, is actually a size 9 in Australia. Sizes are listed by letters in many parts of Europe and sizes in Asia run about a half size smaller than those in Australia. This can all be very confusing and can make it very difficult to find the perfect ring.

There is a way for you to have that perfect ring however. You can have your finger sized at your local jewelry store or you can download a guide that will help you to determine your true size. offers a ring size converter that will help you to measure your finger to get the right size and helps you to determine what size you need in various different countries.

Say that you have found a beautiful silver ring on an Australian site and you normally wear a size 6. You can properly measure your finger and determine your size using the above referenced converter and it will show you your size in Australian listings so that you can get the ring you want in the right size for your finger.

The application is easy to use and does not have to be installed on your computer. It runs on your desktop and is completely free to use. 

Making sure that you order the right size really is important if you want to enjoy your new ring. Countless people have ordered rings from online jewelry stores only to be disappointed because they would not fit when they were delivered. You can avoid this issue by taking the time to properly measure your finger, or another ring, and then looking up your size on the free ring size converter. Whether you are ordering from the United States and Canada, Australia, Europe or Asia, you will know what size you need and you will be able to wear that ring the day that you receive it. This is the easiest way to determine your true ring size and to ensure that all of the rings you order online fit you perfectly.