Jan 23, 2014

Fitness tips for teen models

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And do remember while you formulate your fitness routine that your weight may not be the same as your contender. Your age, your genetic pattern, your health routine and your height play a very important role in determining the pounds that are ‘normal’ for you.
It might help you to know that the idyllic body: fat ratio for a teenage girl of 14 to 19 years ranges from 20-24%. The same for a boy in this age bracket would be 15-20%.

Don’t try quick fixes The load of the fashion industry can at times be too overwhelming for a youngster to handle. Anne V, the supermodel has confessed that she has suffered a lot of tribulations as a teen model trying to turn reed-thin at the tender age of 16. And this is a fact for many teen models entering the industry for the first time. Told to lose weight rapidly for a thinner look, they just do not have a clue to where they should begin from, what they should do and how they should proceed. Result? Teens in the profession turn to quick-fixes for weight loss and this ultimately takes a toll on their health above anything else.
This article therefore harps on some excellent fitness tips for youngsters who aspire to be models, keeping health at the pinnacle instead of quick weight loss tips.

Know your body and understand your aspirations
Tovia, a teen model, in an interview reveals that she had been an active girl from the age of 6, inspired by the gymnastic girls on the television. By the time she was in elementary school, she had started following healthy eating habits. You may or may not know her, but her words are worth considering. It precisely indicates that if you cherish dreams of becoming a teen model, you should understand your aspirations way ahead and learn to be in shape from that time itself. Suddenly waking up one fine morning and trying to cut down the flab for entering the fashion industry is not going to take you anywhere.

There are so many fad diets and crazy weight loss programs around that a teen can easily get drawn to quick fixes in weight loss. But we suggest that you avoid them. They don’t last and hardly can you stay put in them beyond 2 weeks. Rather, if you develop an eating disorder this way, you would be robbed of the energy that you would need for your job. And your skin and hair would also become dull and lifeless.

To get into shape when you are not overweight
Many teen models complain that they do not look in shape even when they are not overweight. This is a fact and you can manage to reverse the picture by doing these –
  • Seek medical advice
  • Train under a fitness trainer
  • Eliminate junk from diet
  • Eat healthy

Develop a high self-esteem
Tovia is of the opinion that all aspiring teen models should have a high level of self-esteem for themselves. And she is right! We also believe that every youngster is beautiful in his/her own way and if there is will in him/her to become a model, there is a way out there certainly. Fitness is just a part of the pursuit.
Author Bio: Freya Hill is a Fashion & Modelling Expert who has publications in several UK based Fashion Magazines. You can read more of her posts at www.ukmodels.co.uk