Feb 1, 2014

Matching Necklaces for Couples

I thank Dresslyly.com for sending me this beautiful gift for me and my husband. Finally an original necklace for couples and not the known split heart pendant. It has such a retro look with the three annulus inlaid.

I like the nice finish on the edges and the rhinestones are very shinny. I also like the ball chain in the right size.
In case you are allergic to any other metal, this retro necklaces for couples are Stainless Steel.
The quality is very impressive and I believe it is a nice gift for your other half. It would also be a very nice gift for Valentine`s Day.

You can buy it from here. Don`t worry if it is out of stock (lots of buyers:)), it will be soon in the shop again. Check more beautiful and affordable jewelry here.

What you think? Isn`t it a sweet present for a couple?