Jan 12, 2014

Should You Use A Sponge Or A Brush To Apply Makeup Foundation?

Applying foundation looks like being simple but that is not actually the case. At the moment there is a huge debate about using brushes or sponges. Some people think that brushes are better but others believe that sponges are suitable. In order to help you make a really good choice, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Using Brushes To Apply Foundation

Many of the makeup artists will use foundation brushes. You should be aware of the fact that an advantage is that brushes can be seen as a proper long term investment. A brush of a high quality will last for many years if it is properly maintained after use. The brush will add many options when referring to bristle shapes and types. Foundation life is also extended and artists will be able to use only the right amount. 

Users can easily utilize makeup brushes with many techniques. This allows him/her to reach hard to get to areas. Foundation will easily, flawlessly and evenly be blended. Ordinary people can easily end up with natural finishes. 
Many advantages exist, as you can easily notice. However, there are also some cons that have to be considered. One of them is that the brushes will automatically mean that meticulous cleaning is necessary after use. This includes cleaning and washing. Also, brush bristles can end up falling as time passes. In addition, brushes can be expensive. 

Using Sponges To Apply Foundation

Just as with makeup brushes, the sponges will include bad and good points. The most commonly mentioned benefit is cost. The sponges are really cheap. We are looking at a makeup tool that is suitable for blending and edge softening. The makeup tool will allow you to use many different textures and shapes. Some sponge types will help artists to reach various areas that are hard to reach, especially when referring to the nose area. 

One disadvantage associated with the use of the makeup sponge is that it harvests bacteria after the very first use. This is especially true when you use it wet. After the first use, the sponge should be thrown away. It should also be added that around 50 percent of the product will be absorbed in a short period of time. This automatically means that more foundation needs to be utilized. 


In most cases the makeup artist will make a choice based on personal reasons. Besides the type of tool used, you need to also consider using makeup that is high quality. You can use the best tools possible and still end up with bad results if you do not use something proper as Bare Minerals foundation  or similar.

Choose your own tool to apply foundation based on your personal skill and how you like to apply it. Based on the experience that a person has, a proper choice can be made. There is never a clear cut choice between sponges and brushes. Everything is highly subjective but since you now know advantages and disadvantages associated with both, it is easier to make a proper choice.