Feb 13, 2014

Electric Shisha

Why People Are Going Electric With Their Shisha

Shisha has become a global sensation in just a few years, especially among younger generations. Traditionally, Shisha is flavoured tobacco smoked through a waterpipe and the number of different flavours is almost limitless. The origin of Shisha stems from the Middle East and it quickly spread west through Europe and then to America. Almost every major city in the world has at least one Shisha bar, proving just how popular this recreation is. However, one of the main concerns with Shisha is how it contains real tobacco and thus carcinogens. For this reason, electronic Shisha is now gaining recognition and many are opting for this over the real thing due to the health concerns associated with tobacco.

Electric Shisha doesn’t contain any tobacco or smoke

Although electric Shisha does produce a smoke-like substance, it’s just harmless water vapour that is produced using the device’s internal cartridge and heat source. The mechanics are quite similar to that of e-cigarettes, except that E-Shisha tends to give off a more intense amount of “smoke” and is therefore more realistic than e-cigs. Furthermore, E-Shisha Sticks can last significantly longer than e-cigs; ideal for a long night out on the town! 

E-Shisha can be used anywhere

The lack of real smoke is also a huge benefit when trying to use E-Shisha indoors or in public places. With many countries clamping down on tobacco products being used in public or even in licenced premises, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Shisha users to enjoy themselves. Fortunately, E-Shisha offers a practical alternative to the real thing that isn’t governed by anti-smoking legislation. They are similar to e-cigarettes in how they can be used almost anywhere without fear of breaking any laws or local legislation. The reason for this is simple: E-Shisha doesn’t contain tobacco or smoke.

Unlike real Shisha, E-Shisha can be taken anywhere

Real Shisha requires equipment that isn’t very portable. A large waterpipe isn’t going to fit inside a pocket too well, whereas E-Shisha Sticks can fit inside the smallest of pockets. They can be taken anywhere with ease, including buses and trains. Going to a Shisha bar is great most of the time; however, it’s not always easy for people to get time to visit such establishments, especially if it’s halfway across town. E-Shisha is ideal in these situations because people can use them whenever or wherever they like. 

Electric Shisha isn’t the same as the real thing, but it’s close

Electronic Shisha is different to regular Shisha (Hookah), but it’s still just as fun. One of the problems with real Shisha is that it contains tobacco and charcoal, which some might say is more harmful than cigarettes. However, since real Shisha is typically only consumed on special occasions, unlike cigarettes, it’s considered a harmless recreation. E-Shisha shares this similarity in how people tend to buy a few electronic Shisha Sticks on special occasions, or when they’re going out on the town. That’s perhaps one of the biggest attractions of E-Shisha and it looks likely that this trend will continue for years to come.

Electric Shisha gives people the chance to enjoy their favourite recreation without having to worry about inhaling carcinogens or breaking anti-smoking laws.