Mar 3, 2014

New Trends in Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Today, men have many choices when it comes to purchasing jewelry for their spouse to celebrate a wedding anniversary. One of the newest trends comes in the form of a simple bracelet. Many men are choosing to give their wives a bracelet that they can wear everyday. In short, she doesn't have to wait for a special occasion to wear her gift. Consider some of the hottest trends in bracelets that are being given as wedding anniversary gifts.

Men are choosing platinum plated bracelets for their wives on their wedding anniversary. These bracelets are sterling silver and feature unique designs that add even more appeal to them. They are light-weight and can coordinate with a woman's work wardrobe as well as her casual outfits. Along with a unique design, these bracelets features stones that glitter whenever a woman moves her arm in the light. Many men are finding that their wives appreciate getting a piece of jewelry like this and, in many instances, they make it the signature piece in their collection.

Another hot trend in wedding anniversary bracelets is a bracelet with a solitaire gemstone. This lovely, understated piece of jewelry is a favorite with wives who have a small collection that consists of just a few beloved pieces! Furthermore, there is significant meaning behind every piece in her collection. Men are opting for this bracelet style with its simple, yet elegant detail. As an example, men with an upcoming wedding anniversary who want to find the perfect bracelet may want to buy Moissanite.