May 6, 2014

A Hawaiian Taste of Beauty - REVIEW

Do you like to travel? Well, today we travel in the beautiful island of Hawaii, where Passion Moon Potions, a home-run business, provides amazing all-natural skin and body care products.
I was lucky enough to receive several products to try out, and I was extremely pleased with all of them.

You all know I am a huge fan of natural vegan products and Passion Moon Potions is using great quality butters and oils and natural preservatives. There are NO parabens, sulfates, alcohols or phthalates. 
Francesca is behind the Passion Moon Potions and her philosophy is to make and create skin desserts that are both healthy for the skin and lusciously indulging at the same time, always leaving the customers smelling and feeling amazing.

She puts her Aloha into each and every product.


This smooth unscented cream is made with pure hawaiian kukui nut oil and soothing aloe vera. It contains also vit E and A and rosemary oleoresin.

It goes on smooth and soaks into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy feel.

It's excellent for daily moisturizing. Except the fact that it is a great moisturizer, it can be used for dry, coarse, irritated sunburned and itchy skin.

You can buy it from here at the price of only 8 euro.


Fresh picked lavender blossoms, blended with fresh lemon zest and sweet creamy Vanilla.

Smells wonderful. A perfect moisturizer for the face, wonderful for dry skin. 

This moisturizer is blended with pure organic essential oils, Organic coconut oil, evening primrose oil and rose-hip seed oil.

All know for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. You can apply it as a daily moisturizer or a as a night cream.

It costs only 8 euro and you can find it here.


The Lemon Creme Brulee is made from organic shea butter mixed with shea oil and whipped for a long time to make a light and fluffy thirst quenching dessert for the skin.

This is my fav product from all 3.  It smells divine and it is very oily, perfect for the body skin in the winter days. A small amount of product covers a lot of skin.

As you may know, Shea Butter`s uses are many: daily skin moisturizer (face and body), dry skin relief, dry scalp, skin rash, skin peeling after tanning, blemishes and wrinkles, itching skin, sunburn, small skin wounds, shaving cream to reduce razor irritation, skin cracks, eczema, sun and wind protection, restore luster to hair, restore elasticity to skin.

You can find it here.

I really recommend all the products above. Would you try the Passion Moon Potions made with Aloha?