Jun 23, 2014

Causes and risk associated with nail fungus

Can you see discoloration or brittleness in your nails? Or do you find your nails getting separated from the beds? If your reply is in the affirmative, it is highly possible that you have got onychomycosis a condition more commonly known as nail fungus.

Reasons for this condition
This condition arises when fungi grows in the beds of your nails. The most common cause is dermatophytes. These are parasitic microorganisms that infect human skin. These fungi are able to survive on the keratin; the primary protein making up the nails, skin, and hair of a person. As the microorganisms feed off the keratin at a fast pace, the nails react by creating higher levels of this protein. This leads to thickening of the nails that eventually separate out from the nail beds. Other consequences of this infection include discoloration because the by-products resulting due to the fungal metabolic activity is accumulated. In addition, people can suffer from pain and the affected area can give out a filthy smell. This condition is difficult to treat; however, Zetaclear reviews show some promising results. Nonetheless, preventing such symptoms is recommended to keep the infection away. Knowing the factors that cause this condition is also beneficial in preventing its onset.

Nail injury, lower immunity, and supportive environment
It is not uncommon to have breaks or cracks due to improper trimming, which provides an entry point for the fungus. In addition, such injuries offer the microorganisms more space to establish and multiply. Severe trauma to the nails may result in the creation of space in between the beds and the plates, which provides the fungi sufficient space to grow. Public areas, such as showers and lockers have moist and warm conditions, which is conducive for fungal growth. People with weakened immunity due to improper diet or excess stress are susceptible to this condition. Insufficient flow of blood reduces the bodily functioning causing insufficient nutrition to the nails making these prone to trauma and infection.

There are several risks factors that increase the probability of being infected with nail fungus. Several different researches prove that the risk for being infected with this condition increases as a person ages because there is a difference in the thickness of the skin among people of different ages. As an individual becomes older, the rate of nail growth decreases, which makes these thicker. Another factor is the gender; males are more likely to be infected when compared to the number of women suffering from this condition. Some other risk factors include family history, smoking, and perspiring heavily.

Many people use home remedies like rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and even Listerine to overcome nail fungus. However, most of the times these methods are ineffective and do not control the situation. The delay in getting effective treatment results in the condition worsening. Using supplement treatments is recommended. Zetaclear reviews found on the Internet mention the effectiveness of this product is overcoming nail fungus and preventing the people from being infected again in the future. You can look online for more information.