Jun 23, 2014

What are the Side Effects of HCG Drops in Men?

What are the Side Effects of HCG Drops in Men?
The HCG diet plan has negative effects.  People who have undergone through this diet can testify.  The side effects often result to the faulty implementation of the HCG diet protocols. So if you ask “do the HCG drops have any negative effects?” you will get a negative answer and it will be very accurate.
In place of being the cause of the grave discomforts, the HCG drops helps one to prevent from them. . The HCG diet has low calorie and as it can be predictable, it brings about frequent headaches, leg cramps, not to mention the food cravings. Without the HCG drops, though, the diet can have serious negative effects.  As you may already know, extended low diet can change the metabolism to a starvation point and when this happens the protein in muscles are consumed to generate more energy.  The HCG drops help to prevent this procedure by allowing metabolism operate real fast.  This procedure means the body always has some sufficient supply of the much needed calories.  This reduces the food cravings.

The HCG Diet works quickly
Some of the people say that men can experience hair loss because of the HCG hormone. This is false    because if there are men who actually experience hair loss then it cannot be out of the result of using the HCG drops. The only logical explanation for this is it is caused by the stress of the HCG diet.
There are a few men who fear they might develop women-like physical attributes because the HCG hormone is taken from the women. Some fear that they will end up developing “boobs”. These fears are not supposed to be there. Most men have successfully completed the HCG diet program and none of them has ever complained about having developed “boobs” or other women-like features.
Women get similar problems from the HCG diet plan, same dizziness, swings and also leg cramps. As the diet continues and the hormone properties does take result, these manifestations will probably disappear.  There is the OHSS in place, a more severe manifestation that affects women, but very rare and one can be off the weight loss program for long before anything serious happens.
The HCG hormone can only have the side effects when one administers it through the injection method. Injections are not liked by actually so much people for reasons of the sharp pains one experiences, it can cause blood clots and also contamination. The tedious process of preparing the shots which one may not have the time anyway and taking them yourself can also cause the stress you get from the HCG diet.
The HCG drops destroys the negativities related to the injections. You just need to swallow five drops of the hormone 20 minutes before the meals and get the range of benefits the hormone offers. When you want to remove your excess pounds very fast without experiencing challenges try taking the HCG drops.

HCG diet plan -The Fact

HCG has the same result in older boys. It gears the production of testosterone and can aid the testicles in developing and descending in adolescent boys with such similar problems. In fact, this use of HCG is what originally gave Dr. Simons the clue that HCG could be used for a weight loss purpose. He was salvaging boys who suffered from Froehlich’s syndrome, a condition that causes slowed sexual development and excess weight gaining.