Aug 7, 2014

The perfect type of skirt

Just as a Nashvillephotographer needs a camera, an American woman needs a pencil skirt. It is the skirt that draws the feminine silhouette from waist to knee, creating mermaid hips, wasp waist and nymph thighs. The fashion manuals and TV programs recommend it as one of the most versatile pieces in our fashion arsenal. And so it is, especially if you get over the prejudice that that it fits only certain conformations. You see, it's all in the mix.
The pencil skirt began its career as a simple outfit for the everyday office wear. But today it is more than an office skirt, used strictly for business stuff. In the last seasons we have seen many skirts: colors, floral prints, abstract, digital, sequin and brocade, neoprene and lace. The pencil skirt is now the perfect piece for presentations and meetings, romantic Sunday walks and late-night parties. For those who are still living with the feeling that the pencil skirt is only meant for severe ladies, here are three points of reference that may change the old visions: the spirit of the working girl (see Carine Roitfeld and Victoria Beckham), the eclectic cool lady (see Giovanna Battaglia) and the dramatic and sensual style (see Beyonce and Monica Bellucci). Of course, the pencil skirt fits better the contours of Christina Hendricks, than those of the androgynous type of bodies. Still, there are many thin ladies that are totally rocking the pencil skirts.
If you’re still not convinced that the pencil skirt cut is universal, here’s something you must know. To achieve visual balance and create the illusion of correct proportions, you must take into account the two criteria: the color and / or the type of material of the skirt (dark versus light; uni colored versus printed, matte versus glossy texture) and the other pieces of clothing you combine it with.

Finally, here’s one last recommendation: always – but seriously, always! - Wear the pencil skirt with high heels (shoes, boots, sandals) or high wedged sandals. It is the skirt that makes your silhouette look delicious without being vulgar. Basically, the pencil skirt is the perfect kind of skirt, every woman needs.