Jan 15, 2015

Human Hair Extensions

Did you wonder many times about the celebrities on red carpet or on famous magazines what they do to have such a beautiful, rich, shinny hair? Did you wonder how their banal braided hair is looking so thick and fabulous? Did you wonder how their hair grew so fast in a short period of time? 
Well, the answer is hair extensions. Hair extensions are methods of lengthening your hair by incorporating artificial hair or natural hair collected from other individuals or adding more volume to your natural hair. 
CChairextensions is an online human hair extension shop. They are selling various hair extensions with high quality but low prices. All hair extensions are 100% Human Hair without synthetic. The reason why they can offer such competitive prices is that their hair extensions are coming directly from manufacturers, without a third party source.
It is most common for women to wear human hair extensions because the hair cuticle is preserved and all the hairs run in the same direction, maintaining that natural soft, silky texture. 
CChairextensions uses 100% virgin Brazilian&Indian remy human hair. Remy human hair is the highest quality in the current market.You will find various colors to choose from. 
The extensions are either woven or clipped close to the scalp.
If you are curious about hair extensions and want to try them for a special occasion, for a short period of time or on a daily basis, then the answer is clip-in extensions. 
Clip on are the most commonly used hair extensions. 

Here are some best clip in human hair extensions:

Hair weave, also called hair weft is very popular among both black and white women. It requires more time for applying but they are not so easily pulled out. They can easily last untill 2 months. They are woven or glued into the hair from the track. Indian hair weave are considered the best hair to make hair weave for its soft feeling and a natural looking. Choose from more than ten kinds of colors and different lengths from 12-28 inch.

Weaves are good for vacation-hair because you can relax and enjoy your getaway without spending precious minutes or hours on hairstyling.
Here are some gorgeous hair weft: