Jan 25, 2015


Did you believe that only skin suffers because of sunlight?The eyes may be affected as well by UV rays.
Sunglasses are not a simple accessory but an indispensable one designed not only to hide the signs of sleepless night.They are primarily worn to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays.Beyond the importance they have for the health of our eyes they are also a long-term weapon against wrinkles around the eyes.It gives you more comfort  when you are at the beach,  when you walk  or while driving a car and moreover they prevent certain eye diseases.
GlassesesShop is an American online retailer of eyeglasses.They offer a variety of plastic, acetate, metal, memory or flexlite (bendable frames that retain their shape), titanium, designer and sports frames.
If you decide to buy glasses they have an attractive offer,you get your  first pair free. The campaign is available until to December and is valid only for a first purchase on their site. Furthermore use this code Laurax20 and you get 20% off when you purchase glasses.
Sunglasses should be chosen accordingly to your face shape in order to emphasize your natural features.
Before buying your sunglasses have in mind some tips that will help you choose the perfect frame,shapes,colors considering the trends as well.
For a round face shape choose glasses with an angular frame.

If you have square face try softening your features by wearing rounded pair of sunglasses. 

In the case you have oval-shaped face,you can consider yourself lucky,you can wear any style of sunglasses.Because your face is well balanced choose a frame that not covers too much your face.

Wearing sunglasses is more than necessary.