Mar 19, 2015

Tips on Choosing the Right Prom Gowns

Spring means prom season for local high schools. The Prom means also a lot of stress, starting with the outfit and the right accessories. The things are simple for boys, they usually dress in black or white formal wear, sometimes paired with brightly colored ties or bow ties with vests, in some cases in colors matching their date’s dress. 

But for girls, this event is more important, they all want to feel like princesses in their big day. Choosing the right Prom Gowns may be very difficult, but knowing some important tips can ease your pressure. 

1. The gown should always reflect your personality. If you are more like a fun girl, choose strong colorful dresses. If you are the daring type, go for the mini dresses with bold patterns. If you wish a romantic and feminine look go for monocolor simple dresses and if you are the classic type, then opt for long stylish dresses. 

2. The dress must highlight your best features. You are lucky if you have an hourglass figure, as it fits you almost all kind of dress patterns. If you have a straight figure, avoid wearing tight dresses. A-line prom dresses would be just the ideal type for you if your body is pear-shaped. If you have a rounded figure, then the dresses designed with a low neckline and drop waist would be just the perfect match for you. 

3. The color of your prom dress is very important. Black is always in fashion and you can never go wrong with it. White is delicate, feminine and a classy choice. Red is a dynamic color that captures the eye.  Greys and blues are very trendy this year, so wear them with confidence. Nude dresses are very elegant and a unique choice for your prom. 

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Prom is a night to remember, and a beautiful dress completes the experience. Whether you wear a mermaid dress that hugs your hips or a short skirt that shows off your gams, tonight is your night to shine.