May 22, 2015

save money on hotels in chicago

5 Habits to Change to Save for a Chicago Vacation

There are many habits that people commit to on a daily basis that can decrease the household budget. Whether they are healthy expenses or not, every dollar spent on these is one less you'll have in order to visit Chicago. In fact, you might find that you'll save enough on these habits to visit the windy city frequently.

Eat at Home

According to the National Restaurant Association, an average family with children under the age of six can spend nearly $240 per month dining out. Just by eating at home, you could save enough money to buy a plane ticket for a single person each month. Of course this is dependent on where you live, but the bottom line savings will still be the same.

Take Your Lunch With You

If you take your lunch with you to work, you can reduce your daily spending at nearby restaurants. Although dollar menu items are cheap at the drive through, you can still get more for your dollar by preparing your food at home.

Morning Coffee

Many people will habitually buy coffee in the mornings on their way to work. By brewing it at home, you can save several dollars per week that can be added to your Chicago vacation. It's possible that you could save enough money in coffee expenses to pay for the food while visiting Chi-town.

Less Driving

While driving everywhere is an incredible convenience, walking or riding a bike could be cheaper in many ways. You could keep yourself in shape while travelling to those nearby locations on foot. Just because you have a car doesn't mean you have to drive it all the time.

Quit Smoking

For those that are addicted to cigarettes, eliminating this expense could save you hundreds of dollars each month. Although it's incredibly difficult to break the habit, the rewards can be equally as incredible. What better way to celebrate your victory over smoking than to live it up in Chicago with the money you saved?

Although you may be tempted to live in the lap of luxury, you can save money on hotels in Chicago by finding those that are more conservative. This will allow you to put the money towards more entertaining aspects of the city rather than the roof over your head. Do what you can to support your vacations abroad by taking a closer look at your daily spending habits. What can you cut in order to save for the vacation of a lifetime?