Jun 23, 2015

Mother of the Bride Dress Code

The rule says that mothers of the bride between 40 and 50 years can choose a short or medium-length dress, while the ones over 50 years will choose maxi dresses. But, in the end, the rules are made to be broken, and everyone should dress as they feel and according to their personality and personal style.

Although the most common fabrics for mother of the bride`s dresses are chiffon, satin, taffeta, the lace dresses are always so classy and they add sophistication to the look.

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Pastels, browns and golden shades will always be fit for weddings. They are so elegant choices.

If you are a young spirit and you want to break the monotony, wear a navy blue.

Black will always remain the most elegant and classical color for any event, but it is not very appropriate for your daughter`s wedding day, because this day must always be luminous and positive and colorful. The combination black and white is very stylish though.

White is again a little problematic color, because we don`t want anyone to compete with the bride. After all she is the centre of the event.

In order to be elegant, the only suitable red color shade for your dress is the dark one, ruby or marsala, which is the color of the year also.

The retro influence is so fashionable this year, so you can`t go wrong if you decide to go for a vintage look.

One of the biggest days of a Mother`s life is when her daughter gets married, so make the best memories and feel comfortable with your personal style!