Oct 1, 2016

mini skirts

Mini skirts first designed more than 40 years in the 60s by Mary Quant. She launched in 1966 a line mini dresses and short skirts with high-waisted.  Mini skirts always will be present in the modern woman's wardrobe. Mini skirts and cute dresses help you create your ideal outfit for both day and evening. Mini skirt is a symbol of femininity and under no circumstances should not give up on it, whatever body shape you have, whatever age you have.
If you  wonder why to wear mini skirts,there are some reasons:one because you feel so sexy ,the legs appear longer and thinner ,second, are extremely comfortable it offers so much freedom of movement.
A-line is suitable to every woman, so it may be a good option at any time. If we think about age, this type of skirt would suit to women over 30 years. 

Meanwhile, tapered miniskirts suit to skinny  girls, young with long legs.

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