Feb 14, 2017

Children Multifunctional Chair Brown:an all rounder for your kid

A number of times, parent want to invest in something which is multi-purpose and long lasting so that its  demand doesn’t fall with the growing age of their toddler. Well, the Children Multifunctional Chair  Brown is exactly the thing which every parent desires for. It is the best baby hold in which you can do  and put all kinds of kids’ stuff. It comes decked with a sturdy and robust framework, unique and well-  built design, comfortable cushion, waterproof frame and non-sharp safe corners. If you speak about it as  an investment for your kid, then believe you me, you cannot think of anything more comfortable, long  lasting, multi-purpose and useful for your child.
 The best thing about this chair is that it has been made from non-toxic, harmless and environmental  friendly material i.e. the health of your child is 100% secure. Designed with PVC waterproof cushion, you  can easily clean it up as and when you want. It has been crafted to serve three purposes:
 - Use it as a table and chair for sitting
 - Fold it as a rocking chair to eat
 - Or as a complete set for crafting, painting and other games

The best part is right from the age of 6 months till the age of 7 years, the Children Multifunctional Chair  Brown keeps serving your child. The three adjusting methods give it an in-sitting position, backrest and  reclining place. It comes with 5 point harness designed to keep the baby in place during playing and  eating. The tray and chair share an adjustable distance, which can be modified accordingly for an  optimum seating position of the baby. Your baby can sit in for hours without any issues of cutting,  scratching as the 360 degree no sharp corners are a complete safety for your baby.

There are other safety specs too which make it ultra-secure for your baby.The wheels slip work as a key  lock to prevent the chair from sliding adding to the security guarantee. The slot design firm is strongly  pressed on the card to add to the safety of the baby. Use it for anything and everything for your baby and  your kid will love to sit on it. Once your baby has grown, you can use it very much as a separate table and  chair to make them study. What more could a parent want!

 For those parents who are tired of purchasing cribs and chairs on every stage of their baby’s life, the  Children Multifunctional Chair Brown is certainly the best investment for them. Do not forget, it is  comfortable, waterproof, safe, sturdy, reliable and cost effective. You can easily afford it and use it multi-  purposely for all your kids at different time intervals. It is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any effort.  So, give your kids the best comfort by presenting them with this elegantly designed brown chair from  Fascol. All you have to do is place the order online and it shall arrive at your home, in few days.