Mar 29, 2017

Spring Is the Perfect Time for a Makeover

Spring has arrived which can mean two things. The first is that you are going to talk endlessly about all of the cleaning that you're going to do this season. And the second is a refresh of your style and look. After all, the weather which Spring provides is perfect for a makeover.

As enticing as it sounds, however, this can become a little costly. Unless you know the right tricks. Keep reading to find out more.

● The first place to start is with the clothes which you haven't worn in forever. Not the ones from decades ago, but the ones from the past season or two. If you remember wearing it, throw it away; focus only on the clothes you bought and never wore.

These clothes are great to refresh your style because people won't recall you wearing them and you won't have any duplicate photos from seasons past.

● eBay and the Groupon Coupons page for Athleta are just two of the places where you can find great bargains online. Find more by looking through online fashion forums and blogs which contain information about secret sales and discount codes which you can apply to stores are you shop online.

Often, members of these forums work for large brand names and labels. However, the brand doesn't want association with sales, so it is done discreetly.

● If you don't mind a bit of travel, then a sample sale or store is a great way to update your style on a budget. These stores sell clothing which the designer created however never released into production. These items are heavily reduced, however, are genuine brand names.

The catch with these stores is that you will likely have to travel a distance into a warehouse district to find them. Similar to the tip mentioned above, look for information on their locations by using online fashion blogs.

Looking fresh and new each season doesn't have to mean that you have no money to spend to go out and show off your new look. With these tips, you can have the new style you want and show it off to the world!