Dec 18, 2017

Precum Chances of Pregnancy

One of the many questions people ask is whether a woman can get pregnant from precum. This is because many people have an assumption that precum does not contain any sperms and therefore there is little or no likelihood of pregnancy taking place. Because of this assumption, manypeople go ahead and have unprotected sex thinking that as long as the male partner does notejaculate inside the woman, then the woman is safe from conception and safe from any sexuallytransmitted diseases. This belief is not true. Any woman has high precum chances of pregnancy if there is no protection. Before getting to reasons why it is possible to get pregnant from precum, it is good to understand what precum is.

What is Precum?

When a man gets sexually aroused, he produces a fluid at the tip of his penis. This fluid is produced at the base of the penis in the bulbourethral glands and referred to as pre-ejaculatory fluid. This fluid is sticky and clear-coloured. Its main purpose, though not completely proven, is to clear the urethra ensuring there is no acidity present that could possibly kill any sperms and prevent fertilization. Precum does not contain any sperm. However, precum and sperm both use the same opening and there is a likelihood of any leftover sperm in the urethra easily travelling up a woman’s vagina or cervix with precum to cause pregnancy.

Can a Woman get Pregnant from Precum?

Now, to the main question and why it is likely to get pregnant from precum. Though the chances of getting pregnant from precum are lower than from actual ejaculation, it is still highly possible for sperm to find its way to the egg for fertilisation to take place. If there is semen in the urethra,chances are the semen contains living, motile sperm, which can cause fertilisation without any ejaculation.
Some people also believe that as long as one does not ejaculate inside a woman, there is no chance of fertilisation taking place. Just like precum, a tiny drop of cum located anywhere near a woman’s vagina can easily find its way through and cause fertilisation. The chances for both precum and cum outside the vaginal entrance to cause pregnancy may be much lower but cannot be ruled out as completely safe methods of preventing pregnancy from taking place.

Other FAQ’s about Precum

One other frequently asked questions about precum is whether it can cause a sexually transmitted disease. The answer is yes it can. A long study of precum samples over the years show the presence of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases present in precum. In most cases, men are not able to prevent precum from flowing out because they do not feel it escaping the tip oftheir penis. This is unlike ejaculation, where men feel and can control whether it goes into thewoman’s vagina so that none of it travels to the cervix.

Wrapping it up

Therefore, in as much as the sperm count is low in precum fluid, there is still a likelihood of pregnancy occurring. There is also a likelihood of not only getting pregnant but also getting HIVand other STDs. You cannot trust precum to be completely safe. It is good to take precautions like using condoms and any other safety measures to make sure no precum finds its way into the vagina.