Jan 28, 2018

About Hair Extensions

Although hair extensions used to have a bad reputation, they came a long way when it comes to quality and technology.

dark blonde ombr

The types of hair extensions are:
-clip in or tape in which can be easy applied at home and they last for a short amount of time. The tape can last up to 2 months.
-weave in and fusion (glue-in) are the best done in salons, they need more time to be placed/removed.
Once they are fixed, they last a long time.

Synthetic extensions are cheaper but they tangled a lot and they shine unnatural, like the doll,s hair.

Remy extensions are made from 100% natural hair and they are the most quality.They can also be washed, dyed or styled as your own.

The most important thing in choosing your right hair extensions is to match it perfectly with the color of your hair, mostly if you use them for getting more volume or length to your natural hair.

But if you prefer to enhance your look with some highlights or ombre bundles, then you must choose the colors of your wish.

If you want to be fashionable this year, go for grey hair ombre and red hair ombre. All eyes will be on you!

grey hair ombre
red hair ombre