Jun 8, 2018

Here’s Why Some Freebies Aren’t Worth Bothering With

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, right? However, there are some products on the market that really aren’t worth sending for, even if you think you are getting something great in a giveaway. Yes, there are promotional products out there that you really might want to try, but there are also those that are simply a waste of your valuable time. Here’s a quick look at some things to think about before falling into the ‘freebie trap.’

Hidden Fees to Be Aware Of

Any company is legally entitled to offer giveaways, but they are also helped by strict laws on how they offer those freebies. If there is a fee involved, they must tell you about those fees by law. Unfortunately, some slide by with a disclaimer or listing of the fees by placing them in some obscure location on a website or printed mailer. This is a rather sticky area, and one which might be contested, if they don’t follow the government’s guidelines to the letter of the law. Is it worth your time fighting those fees? Probably not, so make sure to look over the stipulations before submitting your request for any freebie whatsoever. Don’t forget, some freebies come with an unwanted automatic renewal after the ‘trial period,’ so look for that as well!

Health Hazards They Won’t Tell You About

When it comes to cleaning supplies, these can be more hazardous to your health than you can imagine. For example, did you know that one study conducted over a 20-year period found that most household cleaners in aerosol format can be more hazardous to your health than a pack of cigarettes a day? If you are looking for cleaning supplies for your home, check out the study before sending for that giveaway. Students in respiratory therapist schools in Cleveland Ohio are being advised that these are the chemicals they should be warning their clients about, especially if they are going to be involved in home health respiratory therapy.

Cost Prohibitive When Buying

Then there are those products which simply cost much more than they are worth. Usually, by the time you factor in the cost of shipping, you will find that you can get them much cheaper when shopping locally. However, sites like Amazon Prime may offer free shipping on products “eligible for Prime”, but how much would that product cost if purchased locally? Sometimes, those merchants raise the rate to cover the cost of shipping, even if it’s a Prime eligible product, so do some comparison shopping before taking advantage of a giveaway intended to get you hooked.
Finally, you will want to research several customer reviews prior to wasting your time requesting a freebie. Sometimes you will find that those products are faulty and this is one of the reasons why manufacturers or distributors are offering them for free. Other times they are first generation products which have new updated technology and when you’ve tried your freebie, the only thing left to order is a newer version at much greater cost. These are just some of the examples of why those giveaways might not be worth it. It’s up to you to determine which are worth your time and effort and which should be ignored for your own sanity.