Jul 27, 2018

bottled water is oxygenated water?

A great Swindle: bottled water is oxygenated water
Truth: bottled water that you often drink a few dollars is not oxygenated water, and there is very little real oxygenated water. Manufacturers always try to make you misunderstand: the water that you often buy is oxygenated water. Not really. Bottled water on the market is mostly pure water, oxygenated water and natural water. Pure water is made of tap water.

Water Oxygen Bubble Cleaning is added to the pure water to add potassium chloride and Magnesium Sulfate and other minerals, that is, first to remove the mineral elements in tap water first, and then add artificial mineral powder. Oxygenated water is not oxygenated water. Natural water refers to the minimum treatment of general surface water. Tap water is also derived from surface water. There is no mineral standard of natural water or mountain spring water. In fact, there is no difference between tap water and tap water. Oxygenated water is a natural spring in deep underground, which is obtained by manual mining. Minerals in water must be natural and cannot be artificially added. The standard is extremely harsh. Therefore, the amount of oxygenated water spring is rare and precious.
 One of the scam: oxygenated water is healthier than white water. Truth: not necessarily, you don't need to replenish nutrients through water. You mistakenly believe that oxygenated water is pure water and natural water, and oxygenated water is actually tap water, they will not be more nutritious than boiled tap water. Real oxygenated water has more trace elements than tap water. Many manufacturers claim that oxygenated water is more nutritious than boiled water. This is the concept of hype. There are some trace elements in oxygenated water. The human body has been finished through other ways (eating). You do not need to replenish nutrients through water. Yes, water is used to quench thirst and replenish water.