Aug 2, 2018

Wine Gift Challenge: Give a Gourmet Gift Basket

Getting a gift for a wine enthusiast may seem challenging, especially if they are very particular about the types that they are willing to drink. With all of the different brands, flavors, and ages, it may seem overwhelming and risky to choose something that they would like to try. Maybe the answer is to gift them something that they can enjoy with their favorite wine, such as a basket of gourmet snacks. Companies that assemble and ship these assortments can give you many choices of pre-built gift baskets to send to your wine lover. Here are some tips when making your selection.

Choose Items They Prefer

Many of these gift baskets include snack food that either brings out the flavor of wine or are enhanced while sipping a glass. These include water crackers and buttery flavored pretzels. There are even special treats that are wine flavored, such as the wine flavored cheese spread. If your special someone has a sweet tooth, you may want to opt for packages that include treats and desserts such as butterscotch candy, chocolate pastry, and licorice petites.

Pick a Theme

Gift baskets can be fun to send if they are for a special occasion. For example, if someone moved into a new home, you can choose a gift basket that includes a stylish and functional dish towel or a reusable tin to store the open bags of treats. THere are more elegant assortments for more significant dates like birthdays and anniversaries. These gourmet baskets will include special indulgences such as caviar packed in a leather storage container.

Compliment Their Favorite Wine

Some of these wine gift baskets are arranged by theme to go along with the favorite type of wine for the gift recipient. A red or white wine theme is very common. Some baskets are arranged by origin countries, such as France or Italy. You can be more specific and choose a basket with a theme named after Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon.
With these suggestions, you can find wine lover gifts that will be well received. You can take the stress out of trying to find a thoughtful and unique present. The wine enthusiast will really appreciate a gift that will help them enjoy their wine to the fullest.