Sep 14, 2018

4 Places to Order Checks for Your Business

Displeasing your vendors with late payments can be devastating for your business. Once a vendor pulls out of doing business with your company, other vendors might not risk supplying you with products or might even hike the price of their products. Negotiating with new vendors is a headache that is best avoided.
You can set up a check printing system in your office and ensure that you are never late on payments. You need to have an ERP software, checks, a printer, an endorsement stamp, and envelopes to have checks ready whenever you need to make a vendor payment. Count on your ERP software, like QuickBooks, to remind you of timely payments.
When you are trying to print your checks, you just cannot insert any paper into your printer and expect the banks to accept it. Businesses need to have a stash of check papers that can be printed and used. Here are some of the places to order checks from.

The most obvious source for checks is banks. When you open a business account at the bank, your bank may offer you a complimentary checkbook. Many banks do not provide free checkbooks even when you open your business account. You need to pay your bank for your business checks. Banks charge exorbitant prices for the business checks. Some banks even set a limit on the number of checks that one can buy. Even if you do manage to purchase business checks from the bank, it can be costly. Banks may not give you checks that are compatible with the software that you are using to print your checks.
Departmental Stores
Many big chain departmental stores are places to order checks from. Stores like Costco and Walmart, offer personal and business checks at affordable prices. Before you do place an order for your checks at a departmental store make sure that you are getting checks which can be printed using your ERP software.
Check Printing Stores
Some businesses specialize in printing checks. Banks usually hire the service of these check printing businesses to print their checks. When looking for places to order checks from, go directly to the check printing businesses. By cutting out the idle man, your bank, you can get checks bulk printed at affordable prices.
Online Options
When running a business, you might not have the time to look for places to order checks from. Most companies go to the banks since it is just easier to go to the bank instead of looking around for check printing companies. Looking for places to order checks from is as easy as hitting the search button on Google. There are many check printing services online. You do not have to move out of your office to order checks online. The checks you order will get delivered to your office in a matter of a day or two. So, instead of looking for any place to buy checks from merely go online.