Sep 21, 2018

Clothing: fantasy pattern is served in every season of the year

The explosion of colours, which was once a natural connotation of spring and summer, can now be found in garments to wear practically every season of the year. And the case of the garments with fancy prints, floral proposals, polka dots, stripes, paintings, where the colours are the master and those who wear them draws on themselves looks surprised because of the cool style but also for the decidedly original suggestion.

The colourful proposal characterizes practically every garment, especially for women, from the dress to the patterned shirt, from the trousers to the sweaters.

The mix of colours, which characterized the most beautiful dresses of last summer, returns to embellish even the winter clothes with warmer fabrics and enveloping but equally colourful and lively.
The brands offer long and short models, to wear with light heartedness and poetry.

The colours and the prints with which the clothes are made recall the fashion of the '80s, but the plunge into the past does not dim its potential.

Patterned clothing fits every event

Long for a special occasion, shorts to enjoy a more unconventional style and a casual look. What is certain is that the patterned garments are adapted to every moment of the day but also to every event from the special occasion to free time, from dinner out to a moment of sociability with friends.

The choice of wearing a flowered dress or the preponderant fantasy is typical of the summer, however in the coldest and darkest season the colour gives a touch of joy in the gloomy days.

The flowers and fancy garments are easy to combine

If you have put garments in your wardrobe, with polka dots or stripes, more or less discreet floral themes, it will not be difficult to match them. The advice is to dose the use with extreme care, wearing only one pattern at a time. The combination of more fantasies maybe stripes and paintings with flowers can be really difficult to manage. Perhaps the risk may seem trendy, but the risk can catch you absolutely unprepared and the results could be unwatchable. Choosing to wear a pair of floral trousers is good to think of a shirt or plain shirt, which perhaps resumes the predominant colour of the pants. If you do not want to be mistaken for a cutting-edge wall decoration at the fancy garment, match a white, black or denim proposal, so you really can not go wrong.

More daring solutions where it is a matter of combining fancy clothes with an accessory such as a bag or shoes.