Oct 22, 2018

After Delivery Belt

Although the human body went through a major transformation during the pregnancy and it has the power to recover on its own, using a Postpartum Compression Belt (or corset) will help speeding the recovery process and the weight loss from the abdomen. Wrapping the stomach after the birth is an old practice which is believed to reduce the belly swelling and tighten the muscles. These stretched muscles don,t contract immediately after delivery, leaving a lot of fat around the abdomen and flabby skin. That,s why, a postpartum Tummy Post Belly Band is useful and it became a necessity.

For the best results, the postpartum mothers should start wearing the corset immediately after childbirth. Many moms are wearing their belts all the time in the first week, but after that it is  alright to take it out at night. There is no exact timeframe of how long you should wear a belt for Tummy Post Belly, but you can use it around 6-8 weeks or as long as you feel comfortable.

Wearing the right size is an important issue, including for the right blood circulation. Only like this, you can benefit of the maximum results. If in doubt, go smaller instead of bigger. Although it will feel tight, it will loosen up with time as you wear it.

When choosing a postpartum corset, you must not be stingy. It must be a good quality product, made of the best fabrics, because not only it helps you recover faster after the delivery, but it also gives you back the confidence, making you feel and look great in your clothes again.