Apr 26, 2019

Fashion and First Impressions

Following fashion trends is one thing, but remaining conscious of your appearance is becoming extremely important in the digital age. You never know when you will be called upon to join one of your friend’s live sessions or when an impromptu picture takes place. Living in a world where almost anything can turn into a moment, looking your best at all times is a difficult thing to accomplish. Fashionable individuals turn to streetwear brands like Otherlinks to move through the world with an air of confidence. Aside from remaining fashionable in front of your peers, the clothes you wear directly impact how new acquaintances perceive you.

Making a Great First Impression

Many older generations view adolescents and younger adults as individuals who value comfort above all else. Yoga pants have somehow escaped the yoga studio and have replaced jeans or dresses for most casual outings. Sweatpants or joggers have seen a similar rise in the fashion department for men.
Dressing in this manner is perfectly fine when around individuals you have previous relationships with. However, adding a bit more flair to your fashion can give you an entirely new aura. First impressions only happen once and regardless of what many think, what you wear does factor into these encounters. It is best for younger adults especially to remain conscious of this moving forward.