May 14, 2020

Your Best Quarantine Friends

They say that essential workers and medical professionals are the front line of this pandemic, but the truth is that you, the average citizen with a choice to either stay home or go out, are the front line. You are the one whose life is on the line and you are also the one who is spreading the disease. You are both the staunch defender and the invading enemy. Perhaps the biggest surprise of this pandemic are the unexpected allies who have helped you hold the line.

Garden Supply Stores

If you aren't starting a sourdough right about now, you're probably starting a whole bunch of seeds. Whether you're looking to supplement your pantry supplies or just want the excuse to get some sunlight outside, lots of people are taking up gardening right now. Whether you're starting a vegetable patch or a flower garden Medfield, gardening has been an unexpected ally in the front lines of quarantine.


Bookstores saw huge sales at the start of all this, and that is a trend that is likely to continue. When you're stuck at home, catching up on your reading is a no-brainer quarantine activity. Thanks to e-books, you can get a near-infinite amount of reading material without ever leaving the house or coming into contact with other people. If you're craving a physical book, check your local bookstore: many are offering curbside pickup or even delivery.

Craft Stores

If you aren't baking or reading, you've probably picked up a craft. Anything that can keep your brain engaged and your hands busy is a lifeline right now.
Those who have no choice but to go out: essential workers in your community, the grocery store and hospital employees, they are the real MVPs of 2020, but you are the foot soldier in this battle, and you shouldn't undervalue the support team that is helping you hold the line.